Doula Mentorship

Need additional support on your doula journey? We've got you!

luminous postpartum doula training

Doula mentoring & business coaching

Need additional support starting or growing your doula business? I've got you!

skilled support for your doula journey

Virtual postpartum doula support circles with a skilled postpartum doula trainer & doula peers can be just the boost you need.

Our doula mentoring sessions can be focused on your business needs or on the hands-on tangible side of working with doula clients. This may include things like doula marketing or outreach strategies, or recommendations for supporting birth and postpartum doula clients through challenging situations, or a blend of both.

Why you need a doula mentor:

  • 1

    We are not meant to do this doula job alone!

    Doula work can be hard, and it is important for doulas to have support from people who actually understand what we do. Especially if you don’t have other doulas in your circle, having a mentor can fill the gap… think of it as professional self-care.

  • 2

    Accountability! Let’s face it- most of us will accomplish more if we are accountable to someone.

    If we are working together, there will be tasks with deadlines- reasonable, achievable goals- which can spur you into action. Whether you are just starting out, or need a boost to your existing doula business, having an accountability partner will benefit you.

  • 3

    Learning from someone with a lot of experience in your field is invaluable!

    With over 26 years of doing birth & postpartum doula work, childbirth & lactation education, and small business coaching, I have no doubt that together, we can get you where you want to go.

How can doula mentoring help you?

Our coaching sessions can cover topics such as:

  • creating structures such as client and financial record-keeping systems for your doula business. Whether you are working as a part-time or full-time doula, keeping records is essential!
  • networking and marketing your postpartum doula services
  • the DONA International certification process
  • supporting your clients through challenging situations (cesarean recovery, postpartum recovery, birth trauma, feeding challenges, etc.)
  • reviewing and editing documents such as your doula contracts, doula marketing materials, etc.
  • deciding if getting doula work through an agency is the right path for you

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