Luminous Postpartum offers ongoing classes for both perinatal professionals and expectant parents. Scroll down to see all options, and be sure to check back here often as new classes are added!

Classes for Doulas

Breast/Chestfeeding Class for Doulas and Perinatal Professionals

This class is geared toward doulas but open to all birth and postpartum professionals, and fulfills the breast/chestfeeding prerequisite for certification through DONA.

Topics include: benefits of human milk, anatomy and physiology, cue-based feeding, common challenges, inequities and barriers to breast/chestfeeding, the doula’s role, scope of practice, and much more.

Class is interactive with lots of role playing and activities; please come prepared to engage and move!

Upcoming Classes~

A winter 2019/2020 class is possible with enough interest- please get in touch!

April 4, 2020. Register Now!

Classes for Expectant Parents

Babymoon: Preparing for Baby and Postpartum

ba·by·moon (ˈbābēˌmo͞on/)
1. a period of time following the birth of a baby during which the new parents can focus on establishing a bond with their child. “A babymoon is regarded as a crucial time for a family to establish itself.”

Designed to help you navigate the postpartum, this is 4.5 hour class is taken prenatally, ideally between 30-35 weeks. We will cover postpartum planning and support; changing identity, roles and relationships; breast/chestfeeding basics; infant needs, cues and soothing techniques; sleep scenarios; and more!

This ongoing class is offered at Homegrown Babies Childbirth Education and Doula Services (201 Charlotte St. Asheville, NC 28801). Register Now!


They say the best chance of breastfeeding and chestfeeding success is to take prenatal education on the subject! Join me for this three-hour class, designed to be taken during pregnancy (but feel free to come after baby arrives if you missed out!) Class is geared primarily toward breast/chestfeeding people, but partners are welcome if interested. If you have a partner that would like to attend, there is no additional cost, but please email me to let me know (to be sure we hold enough space in the classroom!)

In this three-hour class we will cover essential breastfeeding information to establish a solid foundation for success! Topics will include

  • normal newborn rhythms
  • feeding cues
  • latch and positioning
  • the physiology of nursing
  • breastfeeding and sleep
  • manual expression and pumping
  • how to store milk
  • going back to work
  • basic problem solving
  • when and where to get help
  • …and more!

This ongoing class is offered at Homegrown Babies Childbirth Education and Doula Services (201 Charlotte St. Asheville, NC 28801) and at the WNC Birth Center. Register Now! 


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